We welcome applications from researchers at all levels.

We are a multidisciplinary lab, and a wide variety of profiles are welcome. However, most of our work involves quantitative analysis (theory, modeling, data analysis, etc). Therefore, applicants should be interested in addressing Biology from a quantitative perspective.

Even if no open calls for your profile are open at the moment, feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Looking for candidates for a PhD position

This PhD project will study animal memory from the point of view of information compression: Just like JPG images are compressed by discarding image features that are invisible for humans, animals must compress their past experiences in a way that discards useless information and generates memories that are easy to store in a nervous system, easy to retrieve, and useful.

This project will combine mathematical models and experiments. Mathematical models will include neural network models to describe memory storage and retrieval, artificial neural networks to investigate fundamental features of memory usage, and behavioral ecology/game theory models to investigate the ecological and evolutionary consequences of the investigated memories. Experiments will use a robotized experimental setup to perform high-throughput behavioral experiments on the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans, whose nervous system is described and can be manipulated at the level of individual neurons.

No previous experience in any of these theoretical and experimental frameworks is required. This project has a strong component in quantitative experimental methods, data analysis and modeling. Therefore, graduates from Physics, Mathematics, Engineering and similar degrees are excellent candidates (training or previous experience in Biology is advantageous but not required). Graduates from other scientific disciplines such as Biology and Chemistry with additional skills in quantitative methods and/or programming and the willingness to strengthen their quantitative skills are also welcome.

Funding is competitive at the university level. The candidate selected by our group will obtain a travel grant to visit our laboratory in order to prepare the competition for one of the fellowships awarded by the doctoral school of the University Paul Sabatier.

Interested candidates should e-mail alfonso.perez-escudero@univ-tlse3.fr before June 1, 2021.